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Upcycled Wooden Stool Tutorial

Hello lovelies! I hope you are all having a good week? I am very excited about a new purchase I recently got on ebay which I am planning on making over this weekend, which reminded me I needed to show you my upcycled wooden stool my Mum gave me as she no longer needed it. I originally made it over for my old cloakroom, but am pondering whether to change it for our newish house! Anyhoo in the meantime here's how I did the first make over...

1 Stool

How-to step by step

  • Stool makeover

    Step 1

    Start by giving the stool a good clean to remove any grease or dirt. Lightly sand the stool and give it another good clean. Spray paint the stool legs. To get an even coat of paint, sweep the can horizontally and vertically past the legs as you spray. For the best finish, apply several thin coats of paint.

  • Stool makeover 2

    Step 2

    When the stool legs are completely dry, place them in a black sack and masking tape the top, so that only the stool seat is visible.

  • DSC_0066.JPG

    Step 3

    Spray paint the stool seat, using several coats of paint. When completely dry, adhere a circle of pretty card to the stool seat using PVA glue or paper patch glue. To protect the card, cover the top in two or more layers of paper patch glue and leave to dry.

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