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Snowflake soaps

I wanted all my gifts in my Advent house to be hand-made so after making sparkly strawberry lip balm, cool mint lip balm, snowflake hair bobbles and clips, reindeer hair clips and gingerbread crayons I only had a few drawers left to fill. I went for peppermint, snowflake-shaped, glittery soaps and made a few extra snowflake soaps for my Christmas crackers!

3 soaps

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How-to step by step

  • Melt and Pour Soap base

    Step 1

    Start by chopping up the soap base into small pieces

  • Cut soap into chunks

    Step 2

    Place them in a microwavable jug.

  • Melt soap

    Step 3

    Place the jug in the microwave and heat for two minutes on medium heat, the soap will start to melt. Continue heating the soap, checking on it frequently until it has all melted. The most important thing to remember is not to overheat your soap base. You only need to heat it until it melts and no further.

  • Pour soap in to mould

    Step 4

    You can now carefully add any fragrance, colour, or glitter you require. Stir carefully so as not to make bubbles. If you do get bubbles, a light spritz of rubbing alcohol from a spray bottle gets rid of them. When you are happy with the colour/fragrance etc., carefully pour into the moulds and leave to set.

  • Hand-made Snowflake Soap

    Step 5

    Push the soap out of the moulds and wrap in cling film to keep fragrance in.

  • Hand-made Snowflake Soap

    Step 6

    After wrapping my soaps in cling film I wrapped a strip of washi tape around the outside to add prettiness.

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