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Silver Glitter Mini Book Bag Sewing Tutorial

Before I eventually decided on making my niece Maisy a silver glitter book bag, I drew up lots of silver glitter ideas from satchel styles to simple zipped bags, but after much deliberation I decided to make her a practical but stylish book bag inspired by the 'two-print bag' from my book 'Torie Jayne's Stylish Home Sewing'. I loved the bag so much that I have started working on ideas of a adult version for myself!

The silver glitter fabric is easy to sew but doesn't like to be folded too much, so I used this quality to my advantage and made the lining a little longer than the outer so that it looks like binding from the outside.

Here's my free Silver Glitter Mini Book Bag Sewing Tutorial...

1 Bag

How-to step by step

  • Girls glitter book bag tutorial - what you will need-01

    Step 1

    Start by cutting out the front & back outer and lining panels as illustration above. Use a craft knife or a rotary cutter, with a metal ruler and a cutting mat to cut the leather strips to the desired length.

  • Glitter book bag tutorial 11

    Step 2

    Paint the edges of the bridle leather straps and leave to dry.

  • Glitter book bag tutorial

    Step 3

    For the front of the bag, clip the front outer bag to the front lining piece, along the top edge, right sides together and raw edges even.

  • Glitter book bag tutorial 2

    Step 4

    Stitch together using a 1cm (3/8") seam. Repeat with back outer and lining pieces.

  • Glitter book bag tutorial 3

    Step 5

    With right sides together and raw edges even, pin and clip the front to back. Stitch together using a 1cm (3/8") seam leaving a 5cm gap along the bottom edge of the lining, to turn the bag right side out.

  • Glitter book bag tutorial 4

    Step 6

    Clip the corners on the outer and lining.

  • Glitter book bag tutorial 5

    Step 7

    Turn the bag right side out.

  • Glitter book bag tutorial 6

    Step 8

    Push the lining inside the bag.

  • Glitter book bag tutorial 7

    Step 9

    Paper clip the lining in place, so that 1cm is visible from the outside, you can easily do this by pulling the lining taught with the top of the glitter fabric.

  • Glitter book bag tutorial 8

    Step 10

    Starting at one of the side seams, edge stitch the lining in place.

  • Glitter book bag tutorial 9

    Step 11

    Your glitter book bag should now look like this.

  • Glitter book bag tutorial 10

    Step 12

    Slip stitch the opening in the lining close.

  • Glitter book bag tutorial 12

    Step 13

    Mark four holes at each end of the handle, then lay it on a cutting mat and push a craft pick all the way through the leather at the marked points. Turn the handle over and insert craft pick back into the holes from this side so they will be large enough to thread a needle through.

  • Glitter book bag tutorial 13

    Step 14

    To attach the handles to the bag, thread a needle with embroidery thread (floss) and tie a knot in the end of the thread. Insert the needle into the bag from the inside, bringing the needle up through the bottom left hole of the handle, then inserting it through the top right hole; repeat two or three times more.

  • Glitter book bag tutorial 14

    Step 15

    Now bring the needle up through the top left hole, and insert it through the bottom right hole; repeat two or three times. To finish, knot the thread on the wrong side and snip off the ends.

  • Glitter book bag tutorial 17

    Step 16

    Attach a neon felt flower for extra charm!

  • Girls glitter book bag tutorial - finished size-01

    Step 17

    Now your bag is ready to use.

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