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Pretty wooden bunting

To add some colour and interest to my boring green fence behind my new corner etagere I decided to make some wooden bunting. I bought some wooden triangles from Craft Shapes and using their fab "drilling holes service" - I requested that they drill two small holes at the top of the triangles. I then painted them in a range of pastel shades using Cuprinol Garden Shades to protect the wood from the damaging effect of the weather. You can order 30ml mini tester pots from Cuprinol for £1 each! I made the Lavender and Beach Blue colours paler by mixing with Pale Jasmine. I strung them with bakers twine and attached them to the fence using cup hooks.

1 bunting garland

You will need...

  • bakers twine

  • mdf bunting shapes

  • Cuprinol Beach Blue garden shade

  • Cuprinol Coastal Mint garden shade

  • Cuprinol Lavender garden shade

  • Cuprinol Pale Jasmine garden shade

  • Cuprinol Sweet Pea garden shade

How-to step by step

  • Paint bunting

    Step 1

    Start by painting the bunting wooden shapes in several coats of paint till you have a solid even colour on all sides.

  • Thread string thru bunting

    Step 2

    When paint is completely dry, thread bakers twine through the holes.

  • Pretty outdoor bunting

    Step 3

    I hung my bunting from my fence using cup hooks.

See more...

Thread string thru bunting
Pretty bunting ready to hang
Pretty bunting hanging on my fence
Pretty outdoor bunting

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