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Pretty hand made paper chain garland

A couple of years back I hung polka dot paper chain garlands in pink, green, blue and red around my home at Christmas and loved how they looked. This year I wanted to hang a paper chain garland but this time in my colour palette of snowy white, pale pink, vintage bubblegum pink, icy aqua, teal, fresh green and olive. When I saw the Tilda Winter Bird design pack I knew this would be perfect as it is full of printed double-sided card with bird motifs, stripes, polka dots and rosy florals, all in my colour palette. To get a touch more pink in my garland I also used card from the Tilda Flower Garden design pack.

1 Garland

How-to step by step

  • Paper chain - Steps 1-4

    Step 1

    On a piece of card, using a ruler and pencil, mark out rectangles 23mm wide by 155mm long and carefully cut them out using a guillotine for crisp, clean, sharp edges. Make as many strips of card from different patterned cards as desired.

  • Paper chain - Steps 5-8

    Step 2

    Carefully place a piece of double-sided tape on one end of a rectangular strip of card and form a loop by curling the other end under. Adhere the other end to the taped end. Get another rectangular strip, place a piece of tape on one end, insert the end through the first loop and join the ends of the second loop together.

  • Paper chain - Steps 9-12

    Step 3

    Repeat above steps for as many rectangular strips needed to form the length of garland you require, alternating the patterns of the strips you use and the sides of the card that face outwards.

  • Pretty patterned paper chain

    Step 4

    Tips I cut 20 strips of card from 10 different printed pieces of card, which means I have 20 different prints on my paper chain made out of 200 strips.

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