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Pom pom trim boudoir cushion

I was looking for some Moroccan inspired prints in lavender, grey and mint to make some pom pom trim scatter cushions for my guest room when I came across exactly what I was looking for at The Sprit of Christmas fair...But they were kitchen towels!

I didn't let that stop me and bought three from Roots Living. I then asked my friend who was visiting the show later that week if she could buy on my behalf two more, as I loved them so much! They are the perfect size for making boudoir pillows (30cm x 40cm). Here's how...

1 cushion

How-to step by step

  • Pom pom cushion step 1

    Step 1

    Using a soft pencil or water soluble fabric pen, start by drawing a rectangle in the centre of the tea towel 32cm wide by 42cm. Add 1.5 cm seam allowance around edge extending the lines to the edges of the tea towel

  • Pom pom cushion step 2

    Step 2

    Cut along lines as photo.

  • Pin pom pom trim

    Step 3

    Pin pom pom trim to right side of fabric 1.2 cm in from every edge with the pom poms facing the centre of the rectangle.

  • Pom pom cushion step 4

    Step 4

    Hand stitch pom pom trim in place or tack using a wide stitch on your sewing machine, 1.5cm in from edge.

  • mark button holes

    Step 5

    On one of the back panels, mark the length of the buttonholes with your pencil on the inside of the fabric. Using the button hole foot on your sewing machine stitch three buttonholes.

  • Stitch buttonholes

    Step 6

    Put the Back Panels on the Front Panel, with Right Sides facing together. Pin each back piece right side down onto the pillow cover front. The pre hemmed ends will overlap each other in the middle of the pillow. The back panel with the button holes on should be under the other back panel where they overlap. Sew around the cushion cover (seam allowance is 1.5cm). Before you turn the cushion cover out, cut off the corners above your seam. Open up seams on all sides and press with an iron. Turn the cushion out, sew your buttons in place and then insert your cushion pad. Fasten buttons and voila! a great gift to give or keep.

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