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Polar Bear Topped Glass Candy Jar Tutorial

My youngest nephew Daniel loves Polar pears so this past Christmas I made him a polar bear inspired collection including a drawstring backpack, wash bag, sunglasses case and a polar bear topped jar filled with polar bear candy...

When I usually make my animal topped jars I spray paint the lid and animal in one but this time I wanted the polar bear to match the fabric so I just spray painted the lid and kept the polar bear as he was, to match the fabric perfectly I added a little scarf made out of green ribbon.

Here's my Polar Bear Topped Glass Candy Jar Tutorial...

1 Jar

How-to step by step

  • Schleich Polar bear

    Step 1

    Start by ensuring your polar bear toy is clean and dry, tie your small length of ribbon around the polar bears neck

  • Polar bear jar tutorial 1

    Step 2

    Place lid on a platform you don't need (I used an old glass pot I did not need anymore). Following the instructions on the spray paint, carefully spray the lid until you have an even coat of paint and the original colour of the lid are no longer visible. Leave to dry.

  • Polar bear jar tutorial

    Step 3

    Apply a small amount of super glue to the underside of your polar bear

  • Polar bear jar tutorial 2

    Step 4

    Adhere polar bear to the jar lid and leave to dry.

  • DIY polar bear jar

    Step 5

    Fill jar with polar bear candy, screw lid on and voila a cute polar bear candy jar!

See more...

Polar bear jar tutorial 3
Polar bear jar tutorial 4
Handmade Polar bear jar full of polar bear candy
Handmade Polar bear jar full of polar bear candy 1

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