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Matchbox Advent Calendar tutorial

I am waiting on a few crafting supplies to arrive and then I want to share with you my new colour palette and inspiration for Christmas 2014. But I couldn't wait to show you my Advent Calendar Matchboxes and with the the start of December next week it seemed only fait to show them you as soon as they were ready...

I have covered all 25 of my craft matchboxes in pretty printed papers, washi tape, ribbon and glittered paper. Decorating them with a variety of ribbons and trims all in my new Christmas colour palette of mint, peach, coral and gold. I neatly numbered them up using strung tags and gold number stickers. Using wire to attach the labels.

For now I have filled my favourite cake stand from Bombay Duck with the pretty advent calendar matchboxes. As a suggestion of how you could display the matchbox advent calendar. I think they look pretty cute inside the cake stand and would be fun trying to locate the days little box.

However I have been working on another crafty project for them to hang on...

1 Advent Calendar

How-to step by step

  • Advent calendar tutorial

    Step 1

    Start by covering some of the matchboxes in a variety of washi tape, trimming off any excess.

  • Advent calendar tutorial 1

    Step 2

    Layer strips of washi tape over the covered washi tape boxes

  • Advent calendar tutorial 2

    Step 3

    Continue layering washi tape over the strips of washi tape to add colour.

  • Advent calendar tutorial 3

    Step 4

    Using double sided tape, cover some of the boxes in a selection of pretty fabrics, trimming off any excess

  • Advent calendar tutorial 4

    Step 5

    Cover some of the matchboxes in pretty ribbon, using double sided tape to adhere the ribbon to the boxes

  • Advent calendar tutorial 5

    Step 6

    Cover some of the matchboxes in glittered card.

  • Advent calendar tutorial 6

    Step 7

    Cover some of the matchboxes in co-ordinating gift wrap

  • Advent calendar tutorial 7

    Step 8

    Wrap strips of ribbon around covered boxes, adhering the ends down using a hot glue gun

  • Advent calendar tutorial 8

    Step 9

    Layer up ribbons and trims, adhering the ends down using a hot glue gun

  • Advent calendar tutorial 9

    Step 10

    Carefully apply numbered stickers to the hung tags

  • Advent calendar tutorial 10

    Step 11

    Thread wire with a snowflake sequin, sequin and a bead. Thread embroidery thread with snowflake button

  • Advent calendar tutorial 12

    Step 12

    Thread numbered strung tag on to decorated wire and wrap wire round decorated matchboxes, tying the wire secure at the back.

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