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Greenhouse Shelf Tutorial

I have been growing lots of plants in my greenhouse since we bought the house and for a time it was also being used as a log store! But as my seedlings have now been planted out or close to being planted out and work has started on the new utility area of the garden that will house the new shed and log store. I have finally started work on organising, cleaning and tidying my greenhouse including laying a new floor. I have four sets of metal shelving units to grow plants on and my old potting bench which I use to pot up the seedlings etc. But what I was really lacking was somewhere to put the pots, watering cans and propagators when they aren't in use. So after drawing up the greenhouse to scale and playing about with ideas I decided what I needed was a large slatted shelf on the back wall. After doing a little research on the internet I found strong, durable, high quality aluminium Wall Mounted Shelf Brackets designed to easily fit onto greenhouse walls to enable you to fit your own shelf...

"Supplied complete with cropped headed bolts & nuts for fixing into the glazing channels of aluminium greenhouses. Each bolt has a specially cropped rectangular head (1/16"/2mm thick) which slots & twists into position in aluminium glazing bars without the need to dismantle the greenhouse."

So I promptly ordered a pair of the 25.5cm wide brackets and then designed a slatted shelf using sawn treated wooden battens so that air could flow around them and I would have enough space to store all pots, propagators and watering cans.

Here's my Greenhouse Shelf Tutorial...

1 Shelf

You will need...

  • woodland colours - white ash

  • 6 sawn treated batten ( (19mm X 32mm x 180cm))

  • 4 sawn treated batten ((19mm X 32mm x 27.2cm))

  • 2 galvanised steel shelf brackets ((25.5cm) Supplied complete with cropped headed bolts & nuts for fixing into the glazing channels of aluminium greenhouses.)

  • 24 exterior screws ((28mm countersunk))

  • string

How-to step by step

  • Greenhouse shelf - what you will need 1-01

    Step 1

    Before you start make sure you have the above and that all your battens are clean, dry and the ends are neatly sanded.

  • Greenhouse Shelf Tutorial 1-01

    Step 2

    Paint the battens on all sides including the ends in a couple of coats of Ronseal white ash garden paint. Leave to dry.

  • Greenhouse Shelf Tutorial 2-01

    Step 3

    Place the 180 cm long battens 16mm apart. Making sure the ends align. Place the short battens at right angles with the long battens following the diagram above. Pilot the holes as above using an electric screwdriver.

  • Greenhouse Shelf Tutorial 3-01

    Step 4

    Screw the battens in place.

  • Greenhouse shelf 3

    Step 5

    Attach the brackets to glazing bars in the end wall of the greenhouse. Use a spirit level to ensure the brackets are level. Place the shelf on top of the brackets and tie the brackets to the shelf to ensure it can't move.

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