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Greenhouse Hanging Tidy Sewing Tutorial

A couple of weeks ago I told you how I was getting my greenhouse super organized and tidy and showed you my DIY garden shelf which took care of storage for my plant pots, gubbins jars and watering cans. I also added a whole bunch of cup hooks to one side of my potting bench for my hand tools and a couple of cup hooks the other side for my gardener's apron. My plan was to be able to have somewhere to put everything so that my potting bench could be kept clean and tidy for sowing seeds, potting up seedlings and arranging cut flowers. But I had no where to put my soil tester and dibber so I designed a greenhouse hanging tidy out of the Gutermann flower ornament fabric in white and mauve, Chevron Hill fabric in pastel violet and Chevron Hill fabric in mauve. To keep it super practical I used Lamifix Matt which is a super Vlieseline Product designed to allow you to easily laminate fabrics of your choice. Lamifix is available at 45cm wide so the pattern pieces were made to reflect this.

I love how I now have a place right next to my potting bench to store my scissors, dibber, soil tester and somewhere to clip my seed packets that I plan to use, the added bonus is that it also looks pretty from the outside of the greenhouse...

Tips: Use a teflon foot to stitch the lamifix coated fabric and never use an iron directly on your lamifix coated fabric.

Gutermann fabrics available from My Fabrics

1 Greenhouse Tidy

How-to step by step

  • Greenhouse hanging tidy- what you will need 2-01

    Step 1

    Cut out the following pieces of fabric

  • Greenhouse hanging tidy- what you will need 1-01

    Step 2

    Cut out the following pieces in lamifix

  • Greenhouse hanging tidy- what you will need 3-01

    Step 3

    Cut out the following interlining

  • Apply Lamifix

    Step 4

    Following the manufacturer's instructions apply lamifix to the four outer pieces of fabric.

  • Clip front panel to back panel

    Step 5

    Using clips rather than pins so as to not damage the lamifix coated fabrics, clip the back top panel to the inner pocket panel.

  • using a 1cm seam allowance stitch panels together

    Step 6

    Stitch the panels together using a 1cm seam allowance.

  • Press seam allowance open

    Step 7

    Press the seam allowance open, ensuring you use a piece of fabric or cloth to protect the lamifix coated fabrics.

  • Press interfacing to back

    Step 8

    Clip the front top panel to the outer pocket panel. Stitch the panels together using a 1cm seam allowance. Press the seam allowance open. Following the manufacturer's instructions, fuse the interfacing panel to the back

  • Greenhouse hanging tidy- tutorial 2-01

    Step 9

    You should now have two panels that look like the above illustration, with interfacing on the back of the first stitched panels.

  • Greenhouse hanging tidy- tutorial 1-01

    Step 10

    Clip the two panels together, matching up the raw edges and centre seam. Stitch them together using a 1cm seam allowance, leaving two 3cm gaps at the top to thread the doweling in and an opening at the bottom to turn it through to the right side.

  • Greenhouse hanging tidy- tutorial 3-01

    Step 11

    Turn the panels right side out through the opening at the bottom. Turn the seam allowance on the opening in and using your sewing machine fitted with a teflon foot, edge stitch the opening close.

  • Greenhouse hanging tidy- tutorial 4-01

    Step 12

    Fold the lower panel in half to create the bottom pocket, matching up the hem with the seam. Clip in place. Starting 3cm down from the top using your sewing machine fitted with a teflon foot edge stitch the sides and pocket as above illustration.

  • Greenhouse hanging tidy- tutorial 5-01

    Step 13

    Using washi tape, mark your horizontal lines to create multiple pockets. Using your sewing machine fitted with a teflon foot, stitch horizontal lines making sure to back stitch at the beginning and end. Remove washi tape.

  • Greenhouse hanging tidy- tutorial 6-01

    Step 14

    Thread doweling through top of hanging pocket and either hang it from cup hooks as I did or tie a length of string round each end of the doweling and hang from one central hook.

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