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Fabric Covered Button Tutorial

This time last year I had started work on my new book 'Torie Jayne's Stylish Home Sewing' and was in the process of putting my colour palettes together, designing prints and sketching up my ideas so I could start work on the pattern cutting. I knew I wanted to include lots of lovely covered buttons, in prints and solid colours to add colour and interest...

Over the course of writing the book I made a lovely new friend, Sooz, who owns the local haberdashery and fabric store. When I showed her my ideas, she suggested I use a self cover button tool as I would find it a lot quicker to cover my buttons in fabric using one. For a few pounds, I decided to give it a go and haven't looked back since..

So today I wanted to share with you my fabric covered button tutorial...

1 button

How-to step by step

  • Felt covered buttons 1

    Step 1

    To use a button-covering tool, cut out a circle of the diameter specified in the tool's instructions or on the button card.

  • Covering buttons

    Step 2

    Place the fabric in the appropriately sized hole, wrong side facing up, and place the button form on this, top side down. Place the corresponding tool lid on top. Press down on the tool lid to click the button and fabric into position.

  • Covering buttons 2

    Step 3

    Fold the fabric circle inward, tucking the raw edges inside the button form.

  • Covering buttons 3

    Step 4

    Place the back plate on top.

  • Covering buttons 4

    Step 5

    Place the corresponding tool lid on top. Press down on the tool lid to click the back plate into position.

  • Covering buttons 5

    Step 6

    Then remove the tool lid.

  • Felt covered buttons

    Step 7

    Pop out the covered button from the hole.

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