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DIY Stag Head Cross Stitch Cushion tutorial

I have finally finished my cross stitch stag head cushion in time to add to my Christmas decor...

To create the cushion I used the great felt cross stitch cushion from Rico Design, which comprises of a front piece with perforated holes and a plain back piece. To create the pattern I drew up a graph to match the scale of the cushion and then after drawing rough outlines of the stags head and antlers I plotted out the design.

Here's my DIY Stag Head Cross Stitch Cushion tutorial...

1 Cushion

How-to step by step

  • Stag Head Cross Stitch Pattern-01

    Step 1

    Start by downloading the stag head cross stitch pattern

  • Cross stitching

    Step 2

    Thread the needle with peppermint yarn and stitch the stag head, Cross stitch is usually worked in horizontal rows from left to right.

  • Cross stitched cushion 1

    Step 3

    To make a cross stitch bring the needle up at the lower left hole of one square of the fabric and down at upper right hole of one square of the fabric. Complete the row.

  • Cross stitched cushion 2

    Step 4

    To complete your cross stitches The return row is stitched right to left, make crosses by bringing the needle up at one corner and down at the other corner. Complete the return row and repeat the stitching sequence until the area is stitched as charted.

  • DIY cross stitch cushion 7

    Step 5

    Once you have finished the head and antlers. Infill the remaining area using the pearlescent thread to create cross stitches.

  • DIY cross stitch cushion 6

    Step 6

    Place the front and back pieces together and using the smaller perforated holes around the edge, stitch three sides together, insert the cushion pad and stitch the remaining side.

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