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Decoupage rabbit tutorial

To put in my Easter baskets for all my nieces and nephews I made a few different gifts. For my second eldest niece Maisy, I made a decoupage rabbit. I used a papier mache rabbit as the base, pretty cherry blossom paper and sealed and glued it using Paper Patch glue all of which came from German craft brand 'Rico Design'...

Maisy loved her pretty bunny and immediately called it 'Rapunzal', ( a bit of an obsession of hers!) she also told me Rapunzal was hungry and so picked Nana's grass to feed it!

It was super easy to make and the 'Paper Patch' products from Rico Design were easy to use and came with full instructions. I tore my paper rather than cutting it so that the lines were softer. Here's how I made my decoupage rabbit...

1 Decoration

How-to step by step

  • decoupage bunny tutorial

    Step 1

    Start by ripping up the paper into small squares, a variety of sizes make it easier to cover the paper mache rabbit.

  • decoupage bunny tutorial 1

    Step 2

    Start by brushing the glue directly to an area slightly larger than the piece of paper you want to stick to the surface. Apply the paper to the surface and then brush a layer of Paper Patch glue over the top of the paper to seal it down, making sure there are no air bubbles. Working from the centre of the paper out to the edges helps give a smooth finish.

  • decoupage bunny tutorial 2

    Step 3

    Continue the process, slightly overlapping the pieces of paper.

  • decoupage bunny tutorial 4

    Step 4

    Keeping the overlap to a minimum saves on paper and helps give a smooth surface.

  • decoupage bunny tutorial 5

    Step 5

    Finish off by adding another layer of decopatch glue to seal and protect. Leave to dry.

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