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Coffee table makeover with Laura Ashley

At the back end of last year I went to the Laura Ashley press show and fell in love with their new range of Decorative Furniture Paint which comes in a variety of colours. So when Laura Ashley asked me if I wanted to take part in the #lauraslickofpaint challenge, I jumped at the chance.

I had a perfect project in mind, my old coffee table!

We bought our coffee table many years ago when we bought our first flat, at the time it was a perfect fit for our 1920’s built flat but when we moved into our first house, there just wasn't room for it. So we stored it away, till we moved to the country. Our coffee table is a perfect fit for our new living room in terms of size, height and shape but was way too dark and therefore not in keeping with the style of our living room. So this past weekend we gave it a makeover with Laura Ashley’s new decorative furniture paint…

We started by removing the legs and giving them a light sand with an electric sander and hand sanding the awkward areas, followed by a couple of coats of white primer paint, followed by one coat of duck egg decorative paint. Ensuring we left plenty of drying time in-between the coats of paint.

As I wanted to give the top of the coffee table a whitewash rather than a solid coat of paint, we had to really give the top a good sand to remove the layer of dark vanish, a couple of hours later the top was finally down to being a much paler wood colour and the base of the table a light sand so that the primer paint would adhere nicely.

I mixed a cupful of Cotton White decorative paint with 2 cupfuls of water in a bowl and mixed them well so that I had a watery white paint. I painted the top of the table with three coats of the watered down paint leaving the top to dry in between coats.

I then painted the base of the coffee table top in a couple of coats of white primer paint, leaving time for the paint to dry in-between the coats of paint.

We then assembled the legs back on to the table and gave the legs and base two more coats of duck egg decorative paint. To give the top of the table that had the white wash finish some extra protection and keeping it looking fresher for longer we sealed the white wash with a clear water-based sealant which we painted on.

Voila! My coffee table is now perfect for our Country style living room, thanks to Laura Ashley.

To see what all the lovely bloggers did for the #lauraslickofpaint challenge check out Laura Ashley's blog and vote for your favourite!

1 Coffee table

How-to step by step

  • Coffee table before 1

    Step 1

    Start by cleaning your table with a white vinegar and water solution to remove any grease or stains. Heavily sand the area that you want to have a whitewash on to remove the dark stain.

  • Priming table legs

    Step 2

    Lightly sand and paint a couple of coats of primer on the areas that you want to paint in a solid colour.Ensuring to leave drying time in between coats.

  • Coffee table legs

    Step 3

    Apply several coats of whitewash till you achieve the desired effect. Ensuring to leave drying time in between coats. Paint a couple of coats of topcoat to the areas you want in a solid colour. Ensuring to leave drying time in between coats.

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