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Bird house key hooks

Getting organized can create positive changes to your life. A brand new key rack is the way to go so you never waste time looking for your car, home, or office keys again. Being organized doesn’t have to be boring and these adorable little birdhouse key hooks covered in an array of pretty patterned and coloured washi tape are anything but, making a quirky interior display for my cloakroom.

Why not tailor these pretty little birdhouses to your particular taste and style to create a special little place for your keys that is both unique and practical.

1 set of key hooks

How-to step by step

  • Painted bird house

    Step 1

    Drill small hole in top of wooden perch and lightly tap picture hook into drilled hole. Paint house and hook with white paint, and leave to dry.

  • Decorating the houses

    Step 2

    Starting on the outside edge of the roof, carefully stick lines of washi tape to roof. Tuck tape under roof and trim off any excess.

  • Decorating the houses

    Step 3

    Starting at the bottom of the house, stick lines of washi tape on front of house.

  • Decorating the houses

    Step 4

    Cover entire front of house in washi tape and trim off any excess.

  • Decorating the houses

    Step 5

    Cut lines into the washi tape where it covers the hole and press washi tape through so the hole is exposed.

  • Decorating the houses

    Step 6

    Cover sides of house in washi tape and trim off any excess.

  • bird house key hooks

    Step 7

    Cover base in washi tape and trim off any excess. Coat house with PVA glue in sections and leave to dry - this ensures that they do not stick to the surface you are drying them on.

  • bird house key hooks

    Step 8

    Paint wooden board in white paint and drill two mounting holes, one at each side. Carefully glue houses to wooden board using PVA wood glue and leave to dry. Screw board to wall and hang keys! *Key rings from Cath Kidston, that I have collected over several years.

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