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Wire Postcard Rack

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  • Hema

Back in January we went to Bruges for my Birthday and as always I treated myself to a few cute finds, under the guise 'It's my birthday!'. One such find was the wire postcard rack from Hema, I guessed they probably would have them in the UK but I couldn't be sure and just had to have it!

I originally was thinking I would hang it in my craft room, but in the end it just sat on the floor not being used. So as I was looking through all my home decor for treasures I could use in my Summer house, I had a aha! idea, it could hang in my Summer House.

So off I went to my Summer House with a screwdriver, screws and tape measure. It looked best just under the honeybee print above my bench, minutes later, voila! my wire postcard rack was on the wall. I then searched through my postcard collection but couldn't find anything 'just right!'. Hmm, how about some Pantone postcards in shades of lilac, lavender and mint. I loved how it looked but the balance of colour wasn't quite right and it felt like I needed some more art below the second framed honeybee art. A quick internet search later and I decided to buy a second wire postcard rack from Hema. Now I would have 18 slots for artwork that I could alternate when I liked to change things up!

But since I didn't have 18 postcards in the right colours or styles to fill it, I decided to design my own. I opted for a mix of my own photographs of flowers and craft supplies and some prints I had been working on. I ordered 20 postcards from Moo in a matt finish using a couple of different prints for the reverse of the postcards. I love how it turned out and along with my Pantone cards, I now have 32 different postcards, so I can mix it up and change it when my mood suits!...

"The HEMA photo rack lets you easily display your favourite pictures and cards on the wall. Alternate them regularly for a different look every time. "


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Inside my summer house 2
Summer house art
Inside my summer house
Postcards in my summer house
Pretty pastels in my summer house
Popstcard holder
Working on the inside of my summer house
Summerhouse inside

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