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Spring Snowflake 'Leucojum aestivum'

My youngest sister kindly bought me some Spring Snowflake 'Leucojum aestivum' bulbs when we first moved in to our new house in the Country. I hadn't yet sorted out the garden so I popped them into the borders in front of my painted fences. As time has gone on they have started to clump and I now have lots of clusters of beautiful Spring snowflakes, however they are getting a little lost in my borders so I am planning on moving them to my side path so they can be seen!

The spring snowflake is a popularly widely cultivated bulbous plant with delicate white flowers, and belongs to the same family as the snowdrops. The Spring Snowflake 'Leucojum aestivum' is a hardy, frost-tolerant plant, notable as a good early nectar and pollen source for bees. You can leave spring snowflake bulbs in the ground in the same location for many years. They spread to fill the space between the plants, but never become invasive.

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Snowflake Leucojum aestivum
Snowflake bulbs
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