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Lupins 'Russell Mixed'

I have been meaning to share with you my Lupins since last year when I grew a whole bunch from seed. I had such great success with them and they came back this year that I grew a whole load more again this past Spring. They bloomed all Summer long and I still have a few blooming now. I bought the seeds from the 99p store and they all grew in pastel shades as the packet.

Lupins have tall spires of tightly packed flowers that rise above clumps of palmate foliage in a magical array of colours. Lupins are great for adding height and structure to the back of perennial borders and woodland edges. A distinctive hardy perennial that remains a cottage garden favourite

What you need to know...
Deadhead faded lupin flowers to encourage a second flush of blooms to be produced.

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Lupin 2
White lupins
Purple Lupins
Lupins grown from seed
Purple Lupin in my garden
White Lupins grown from seed
Lupin 4
Purple lupin
Lupins 1
Lupin 5
Lupin 3
Lupin 4
Pastel Lupins
Purple & white Lupins 2
Purple & white Lupins 1
White Lupins
Growing Lupins from seed
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