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Flowering Currant 'Ribes Sanguineum'

Since we moved into our new house I have been slowly working out what the few bushes and plants in the garden are and how to care for them. Ideally I want a white, purple and blue coloured garden but for the time being I am keeping the shrubs that flower pink as they would cost a fortune to replace with the same size shrubs and they work nicely as a backdrop to my new flowers and plants.

One of those such shrubs is the Flowering Currant 'Ribes Sanguineum'. Mine is at least 6ft wide and 6ft tall. It is deciduous and its flowers appear before the leaves. The flowers are formed in highly scented clusters often smothering the plant and are an excellent early nectar for bees. They are followed in Autumn by currant like fruits with a white bloom. Its tooth serrated leaves have a strong scent when crushed.

It can be grown in full or partial sun or even light shade. It will flower on wood made the previous summer, so prune old shoots when the flowers fade.

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Flowering Currant 'Ribes Sanguinem'
Flowering currant , Ribes Sanguinem
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