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Acrylic drawers

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  • Muji

Back in 2012 I showed you my acrylic drawers from Muji, some of which I have had for years and years. The older drawers are the ones that have more of a curved edge to the top, compared to the newer ones that have square tops and slot together.

I use the old wide three drawer versions to store my regular depth washi tape in and the newer style deeper drawers for the wider washi tapes. I use the narrow two deep drawers for my glitter collection. As of late I am using the narrow five drawer version with compartment dividers to store my sewing threads, sewing machine feet , pebble needle holders and tape measure all in easy reach of my sewing table. I have also transferred my cotton and wool embroidery threads which are wrapped round wooden spools to keep them from knotting up into the narrow acrylic drawers so I can quickly and easily locate the colours I want.

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