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45mm Rotary Cutter

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If you are a regular reader of Torie Jayne you know how I like my crafting tools to not only be super practical but also look good. That way they become part of the decor in my craft room and make my tutorials look better!

Rotary Cutters
A rotary cutter can literally slice your cutting time in half. Rotary cutters cut all fabric
types—up to six or eight layers at a time—quickly and easily without distorting pattern cutting lines.

There are several sizes and types of rotary cutters available. Blades range in size from
18 mm in diameter to 60mm. Smaller diameter blades make cutting out curves
and details much easier; whereas the larger-diameter blades make quick work of
long, straight cuts. The larger-blade cutters are especially useful for quilting, the smaller cutters for more intricate projects and garment making.

My rotary cutter of choice is the 45mm Rotary Cutter from Sew Easy. As well as looking super cute it stays upright and ready to use every time from the upright rest position, has a auto blade guard which automatically moves when cutting and returns to guard position when not in use. It also has a safety lock button when not in use or in storage.

To begin cutting, position the blade 2.5cm (1") in from the fabric edge along the ruler.
Carefully pull the blade toward you and off the fabric edge; this initial clip will keep the
fabric from bunching and encourage a smooth start for the forward motion; this is
the only time you should cut toward you.

Blade care:
For prolonged life of blade when not in use oil regularly with sewing machine oil and wipe blade before use.

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45mm Rotary Cutter by Sew Easy
45mm Rotary Cutter by Sew Easy 1
45mm Rotary Cutter
45mm Rotary Cutter by Sew Easy 3

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