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My Craft Room

As promised ages ago, today I have finally got round to posting a whole bunch of my craft room photos. My craft room is in our single bedroom at the back of the house, we used to share the room, but I kinda took over so now he has the guest room as his office.
Before I start a new project I like to give my craft room a good tidy and put everything back in it's place. Then I can start a new project with a clear fresh mind, but believe me when I am midway through a project my craft room does not look like this!

The details...

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Organized craft supplies
My craft room Jan 2013
Pantone postcard storage
Craft room corner2-01
Craft room corner-01
Wrapping paper storage
Flower Brooch
Organizing my sewing threads
Pretty organized
Basket of organized ribbons
Pretty bulldog clips
Organized craft supplies
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Maisy Bag by Torie Jayne Design
Maisy Bag in Cloud Pink


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