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Lavender Cottage - Kitchen

Hello lovelies! I've been getting a lot of questions about my pastel kitchen from our old house Lavender Cottage on Houzz and I was going to point them here then I realised I hadn't actually posted a full post about my pastel kitchen in our old house. So today I wanted to show you what our pastel kitchen looked like when we had finished installing, decorating and filling it...

To see all the details just click the individual post in 'details' to find out more!

I will also endeavour to share more of the details


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My kitchen sink
Lavender Cottage Kitchen
Baking corner
Kitchen corner shelves
Inside my cake decorating cupboard
Magnetic hooks
Kitchen shelf
My Kitchen shelf
Kitchen wall sign
Kitchen sponge storage
Polka dot teatowel
Bunny dish drainer
Baking corner
Kitchen clock
My pretty baking cupboard
Bottle rack
Corner Shelves
Kitchen shelves
My baking cupboard
Tea Set
Inside my baking cupboard door
Inside baking cupboard door
Bird cage memo board
Heart Colander
Kitchen books
Pretty cake tins
Sink tidy
Organized cupboard door storage
Top kitchen shelf
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