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The Hambledon

Hambledon is an independent lifestyle shop and concept department store in Winchester, Hampshire. Lucky for us, you can also purchase online.

"We always wanted to make a shop which sold the things we loved in a space we loved to people we could grow to love. It's a sentimental kind of aspiration but borne out of a genuine love of retail and a real belief in the worth of shops and shopping and shopgirls (and boys). We like to think of The Hambledon as a kind of department store but just selling the good stuff.

Since 1999 we have been trying to refine and develop what we want The Hambledon to be: a really good shop by any measure, uncompromising in its choices, entertaining in its presentation and always super friendly in its approach."

*Update 2014
They now have a store in Cowley Manor
"Well, it has only taken us 15 years. Welcome to our new store: The Hambledon at Cowley Manor. The shop is an edited (we like to think perfectly curated) mini version of the mother ship in Winchester. Expect to find your very favourite womenswear, menswear, jewellery, accessories and homeware"

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Decorative Accessories
Dining Room

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