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The Contemporary Home

Today I want to share with you 'The Contemporary Home', an online boutique filled with gorgeous home treasures, I have featured them before on my friday finds but never shared them in my 'shops i love' so without further ado...

"The Contemporary Home is a small (but perfectly formed) company living in a big converted boat house on Hayling Island: A real island just off the coast of Portsmouth. Maybe you know it? If you do, you'll be thinking of beach huts, ice cream parlours, fun fairs, fish and chip shops, a seaside train and miles upon miles of beach. And if you don't... well, you'll probably want to visit now!

We know how much our beautiful environment enhances our day-to-day life and we wanted to share a little bit of that special feeling with everyone. So, led by managing director Clare Satchwell and a crack team of like-minded individuals, The Contemporary Home was born. Our mission: To bring our love of shopping and all things inspiring to our customers in the way we'd like to experience it ourselves (unusual, eclectic, fuss-free, unforgettable and fun!)

To create our collection, we've trawled through countless suppliers, attended a whole host of trade shows, wheeled and dealed, and wined and dined. We've jumped through hoops and pulled things out of hats and, when that wasn't good enough, we've made it up ourselves (most notably our Brussels Sprout Wreath, which has appeared in more magazines and TV shows than we feel we can safely mention without deafening ourselves with our own trumpet!)

From small beginnings we've found ourselves branching out to stock products from some of the most up-and-coming new designers, as well as being courted by the national press for our phenomenally successful Christmas and Gift ranges. We're constantly creating and collecting and we never, ever get bored, so that you won't either.

So come with us on a journey that's more than just an internet shopping spree?'s our personal mission to spread love, light and happiness to every household and homestead in Great Britain and beyond."

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