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Gluten Free Raspberry S'mores Recipe

S'mores are a American classic! The traditional S'more is made with marshmallows, graham crackers and a few pieces of chocolate. S'mores are thought to have gotten their name from frequent requests for "some more" whenever they were made.

Traditionally made over an oven bonfire, you can bring this treat into the kitchen or the living room and toast the marshmallows over an open fire! I have updated the classic with few raspberries which in my opinion go perfectly with the rich dark chocolate and gooey marshmallow filling...

I made these S'mores using my Gluten free graham crackers.

Gluten Free

8 Servings


Gluten Free Raspberry S'mores

  1. Start by laying one of your gluten free graham crackers out and place chocolate on top and 4 raspberries.

  2. Put two marshmallows on the bamboo stick and hold it over the fire, turning the stick until the outside of the marshmallow is golden brown and just starting to get mushy.

  3. Take your toasted marshmallows (still on the stick), and lay it on the side of the graham cracker with the chocolate. Now take another graham cracker and cover the hot marshmallow, to make a sandwich, pressing down firmly enough to pull out the stick.

  4. When the S'more is fully assembled, let it sit for a few seconds to allow the chocolate to melt a little. Enjoy!


Gluten Free Raspberry S'mores

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Gluten Free Raspberry S'mores 3
Gluten Free Raspberry S'mores 2
Gluten Free Raspberry S'mores 1
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Making gluten free raspberry S'mores
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Making gluten free S'mores
Making S'mores
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S'more please


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