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Tec 305-12 Hotmelt glue gun review

At the beginning of December the lovely peeps at Hobby Tec sent me a Tec 305-12 craft glue gun to review along with a bunch of coloured, glitter nd plain glue. I love using hot glue guns and was really keen to test the Tec 305-12 out...

"Tackle your hobby and craft projects head-on with the brilliant tec 305. Compact and lightweight, it’s very easy to use, takes only 5 minutes to warm up, and has a very narrow profile so it won’t block your line of vision when gluing. It also comes fitted with a standard extension nozzle that allows the glue to be dispensed with greater accuracy, giving a more professional finish to your craft projects.

This gun runs at a highter temperature of 200ºC, so the bond strength is enhanced and closer joins are achieved. Giving your work a more polished look.

Features of the tec 305 include an illuminated on/off switch, removable stand, adjustable full hand trigger for exceptional comfort, and replaceable nozzle

It weighs just 250g and dispenses 750g of glue an hour

High quality self-regulating heaters control the temperature of the gun to keep the output consistent and the glue smooth."

I received the craft glue gun a couple of days before my projects for Sew magazine were due in. Which was perfect timing as I was making them a heart button art (in February 2015 issue, out now!) and wanted to use a glue gun to attach the buttons. It was super easy to use and I effortlessly stuck all the buttons to my card. All the buttons remained in place and felt really secure. I love that it comes complete with a stand and a on/off switch.

I also used the craft glue to make my star cupcake toppers I showed you yesterday and to attach ribbon to my candy gift boxes. I love it and can't wait to try out more projects using it, all of course which I will share here.

Check out Hobby Tec's website for the full range of craft glue guns and glues available along with great hot glue gun inspiration and craft ideas.

Have a sweet weekend x

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