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Shelves above my sewing desk

The shelves above my craft desk are from my old craft room, they are from Ikea, the EKBY JÄRPEN / EKBY BJÄRNUM, which I bought in the solid oak and spray painted white. The lower shelf is filled with acrylic drawers, containing my most used sewing supplies, embroidery threads and yarns. The top shelf houses my ribbon storage boxes, washi tape boxes and all my bunny jars filled with my favourite craft supplies...

The tiny picture shelves I bought on a work trip to Hong Kong and I am currently using them to store my favourite Pantone postcards.

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My craft room desk
Pretty craft room shelf
Pretty Sewing Suppliers
Washi tape storage
My craft room desk
Drawers of Sewing supplies
Sewing supplies
Craft room corner
Craft storage of yarns
Hanging scissors
My sewing wall
Craft room shelves
Sewing threads storage
Washi tape in acrylic drawers
Pretty safety pins
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