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My Guest bedroom bed and tables

A couple of weeks back I showed you my designs for our guest room

"One thing was for sure, the double bed would have to sit below the window at the end of the room and could not have a foot board as you would more than likely have to get in to it from the base. So I chose the Scandinavia solid pine white double bed with slatted headboard, a mattress, double duvet, pair of pillows, white fitted sheets and a white pin tucked duvet cover.
I really wanted to provide bedside tables so my guests could keep a bottle of water, alarm clock, nik naks etc close to hand. But as the space was too tight I had to come up with something a little different! After much thought I opted for a pair of L shaped shelves I could hang on the wall either side of the bed. I would need to paint them white but I just loved there unusual shape and how much storage you could get out of them. I also loved the idea of them housing a pretty glass bottle of water in the long sections. So both guests would have their own bottles!"

The Scandinavia solid pine white double bed from Argos came flat packed but was super quick and easy to put together. I love how clean and simple it is and a perfect fit for my space. I also received a airsprung Tetbury memory double mattress, duvet, two pairs of pillows, Silent Night anti-allergy double mattress protector and the Minimalist White Double Bed duvet set which features subtle linear Pintuck detail which I think looks elegant and classical. My guests now have a super comfy bed to sleep in...

The L-shaped pair of beech finished wall-mounted shelving units also came flat packed. I assembled them together in two halves to start with, so that I could spray paint them white. Once I had spray painted them white I then finished assembling them together and gave them a finishing coat of paint.

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