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Guest Room Wall art

From left to right: Vintage rolleiflex camera, , Roller Disco, BirdsReady to Party, Suitcases, Bumble bee illustration in violet, Mini swimwear, Honey Bee art, French vintage birdcage, We three Kings, Many and the Eaucalyptus trees, Time for a Drink

For the big expanse of wall in my Guest room, I felt I needed something big fo fill it! After weighing up my options I decided to go for a cluster of frames. I started by spray painting a wooden box frame lavender, adding a cork back to the inside of it that I painted white and pinned my mini swimwear to it. I then gathered up all the frames I had been collecting and spent a while sketching up some ideas of layouts. Once I had determined the layout of the picture frames I coloured in the frames on my sketches to ensure the balance of colour worked. I decided to keep the ornate frames from Urban Outfitters in there original colours and spray painted my wooden ones in mint and lavender. After sifting through my collection of gift cards and prints I pulled out the beautiful bird sketch from Blank Inside as it worked well with the mini swimsuits. The little French vintage birdcage print and Many and the Eaucalyptus trees that I had originally bought for my craft room looked nice too. I was then left with nine blank frames so I looked to Etsy where I found the adorable Honey Bee art and Bumble Bee illustrations that were in my Guest room colour palette! I also found the cute retro mini prints of cameras and suitcases from Diesel & Juice that I instantly fell in love with that I bought four for my guest room and four for my craft room!. Then I was down to five small frames that I needed prints for, four of which I found at the Spirit of Christmas fair from Ameila Blackett. Now I am down to one elusive print that I have not found yet!
Before hanging the frames on the wall I took them and the prints to my local framers where they cut all the mounts for me.
To get the spacing correct on the wall, I laid out the frames on a large piece of paper and once I had got them in the correct positions using a ruler and a protractor to make sure that they were straight and evenly spaced. I carefully traced round the frames on to the paper, then marked where all the screws would need to go so they would hang in the correct position. I then masking taped the traced frames to the wall in the exact position I wanted them, using a spirit level to make sure they were straight. With the paper still in place using a soft pencil I marked on the wall where the screws would need to go. Mr TJ then drilled the holes in the wall and fitted the raw plugs and screws...

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