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Greenhouse Design

Before I start purchasing items for our rooms that we are re-decorating, I like to start with a colour and themed mood board and then measure up the room, furniture etc and draw up a floor plan and wall plans to scale of how I want it to look. My greenhouse was no exception!

I started by putting a mood board together taking inspiration from the garden colour palette which inspired the garden makes from my book 'Torie Jayne's Stylish Home Sewing'. I then drew a 'to scale' floor plan, back wall and side walls. I also drew to scale the freestanding shelves I was looking at purchasing along with the trays, pots and tools I already had. That way I could work out how many free standing shelves I would need, how many pots, trays etc would fit on the shelves and then I could buy all the items I needed knowing that they would all fit. Through designing my greenhouse this way, I was able to design and make a shelf for the back and a hanging tidy for the tools that didn't fit neatly on the shelves. I was also able to work out how many grids I would need for the floor which I then filled with gravel. It might seem overkill, but to be honest I love sketching and really enjoy the process of playing with illustrator!

I use Adobe illustrator to do all my plans, you can see the rough plan below that was a work in progress...

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