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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I have been blogging since 2009 and I often get asked the same questions. So here is my place to answer your most frequently asked questions...
What camera do you use?
I use a Nikon D3000, I have three lenses, an AF Micro Nikkor 60mm - which is my favourite lens, a standard, and a wide angle lens. I love my macro lens as I can get very detailed shots and really blur the background, but it is manual so you have to get the focus right. I always shoot in natural light and avoid using my flash like the plague! I also invested in a tripod which means I don't have to worry about shaky hands and for a couple of pounds I also would recommend a remote control. That way you will find your photos will have great focus, especially if you are using the automatic settings.
Do you edit your photos?
I edit my photos using It is a free online photo editing program that I use when the natural light is not great. Try uploading your photos to there and play with the exposure setting. You can use the highlighter tool and brightness tool to add more light and brightness.
Where is your pink sewing machine from?
My pink sewing machine is from John Lewis JL110 in coral. A great basic sewing machine for under £100!
Where did you get your pinned swatches from?
I designed and drew my pinned swatches in Adobe Illustrator.
Who designed your new website?
I, along with my partner, designed the new website.
Do you sell your crafts?
I only sell a few of my crafts; they are available on my Etsy shop.
Do you include affiliate links in your posts?
Yes, from time to time I may include affiliate links to products featured in my posts and/or affiliate banner ads. They are always because I, and only I, choose to feature the items, regardless of any affiliate partnership. An affiliate link means that I receive a small commission on sales of some of the products that I feature. If you choose to purchase an item that has been featured from an affiliate link or ad banner, I may receive a small commission on that sale.
Do you accept guest posts or guest-written content?
Torie Jayne does not accept guest posts or guest-written content at this time.
May I use your photographs on my site?
Yes, I would be delighted if you did. Please just make sure to link back to my website as my images are all copyrighted. Please do not alter, crop, add graphics/text to, or otherwise alter any of my photographs. Thanks in advance for being understanding.
On what platform do you host your blog?
I initially started my blog on Blogspot. I am now on a custom Drupal installation.


Hello! I am Torie Jayne. This is my blog about all things pretty and creative, from shabby chic interiors to gluten-free baking, via decorative crafts and stylish boutiques.

Torie Jayne photo by Sussie Bell

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