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Hello lovelies!

Welcome to my new "Bake" section which replaces the "In My Kitchen" page from my old blog. Here you will find my gluten free recipes in a much easier, clearer way of viewing them, alongside a new section entitled "Notebook".

For those of you who want to know where I get my cute cupcake cases, stylish cake stands or pretty pastel baking equipment from, you're going to love the new "Notebook". Where possible I will tell you the brand or shop where everything I use comes from so you can try and locate it for yourself. I would love for you to add in the comments if you know of somewhere great to get the item, so this section can become a really great resource for all of us that love pretty baking !

In Learn More, you will find more information about the ingredients I use, a basic recipes section, as well as weighing and temperature charts so no matter where you are in the world or how you measure ingredients or how your oven is heated, you can follow the recipes with ease.


Hello! I am Torie Jayne. This is my blog about all things pretty and creative, from shabby chic interiors to gluten-free baking, via decorative crafts and stylish boutiques.

Torie Jayne photo by Sussie Bell
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