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Winter Wonderland bird house

I love decorating mini wooden bird houses, from chocolate nest filled ones and butterfly-adorned ones at Easter, to candy covered gingerbread, advent ones and pretty, patterned ones as key hooks. So when my Mum kindly gave me one from a recent trip to Michaels that she bought on her vacation to visit her best friend from High School. I was delighted! I painted it in colours from my Winter Wonderland colour palette, gave it a glittery coating and hung it from pretty pink ribbon. Perfect for my Winter Wonderland themed Christmas tree. Thanks Mum!

1 bird house

How-to step by step

  • Winter Wonderland birdhouse steps 1-4

    Step 1

    After removing the rope loop from the top of the house, paint the entire house white and leave to dry. Then, carefully paint the roof in pink and leave to dry. Turn upside down and paint base of house in aqua colour, leave paint to dry. With a small paint brush, paint white paint on to peak of roof to give it a snowy look. Once the entire house is painted and dry it is now time to glitter. Brush PVA glue onto the pink paint so you have a nice even coat, then immediately sprinkle with pink glitter before the glue starts to dry. Tap house lightly to remove excess glitter and leave to dry. Repeat PVA glue glittering technique with each coloured section of the house, until entire house is glittered. I used a coarse white glitter for the "snow" on the roof. Leave to dry.

  • Winter Wonderland birdhouse steps 5-8

    Step 2

    Make the ribbon into a loop and thread ends of loop through top of house and out the star hole. Placing a pencil, or similar, through the top of the loop so you don't accidentally pull the ribbon out. Thread a pink bead onto the ends of the ribbon and then knot off the ends so the bead is secured. Pull the top of the ribbon loop up so the bead disappears into the house. Carefully cut a small circle of tissue paper so that it is a little bigger than the star hole. Brush PVA glue around the inside edge of the star. Carefully push tissue paper into star hole and, using a skewer, through the hole in the roof, placing tissue paper in position. Remove skewer and brush PVA glue into the hole in the roof to secure the ribbon in place. Leave to dry.

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