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Washi Taped Hanging Deer Ornament Tutorial

I have been making a handful of new Christmas decorations for my Christmas tree to match my 'Frosted Fairytale Forest' Christmas theme...

and what Christmas forest would be complete without some deer? So with my white wooden pendant deer pendant from RIco Design and my washi tape and bakers twine from Unwrap colour I made a pretty patterned hanging deer ornament. The great thing about this decoration is not only is it super quick and easy to make but it is also easy to alter every year by simply replacing the washi tape you use!

Here's how to make a Washi Taped Hanging Deer Ornament ...

1 Decoration

How-to step by step

  • Washi tape deer ornament

    Step 1

    Start by adhering patterned washi tape to the wooden pendant, I started at the point the antlers start.

  • Washi tape deer ornament 1

    Step 2

    Continue adhering patterned washi tape to the pendant, matching up the pattern as best as you can

  • Washi tape deer ornament 2

    Step 3

    Add gold glitter washi tape to the antlers.

  • Washi tape deer ornament 3

    Step 4

    Turn the washi tape covered deer pendant over and using a sharp craft knife carefully cut off te excess washi tape around the edges.

  • Washi tape deer ornament 5

    Step 5

    Using a needle, punch a hole into the washi tape where the hanging hole is.

  • Washi tape deer ornament 6

    Step 6

    Thread hanging hole with bakers twine, knot the ends and trim off any excess twine.

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