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Washi tape box tutorial

For my first book 'Craft, Show & Sell' I made lots of new craft storage including these decorated washi tape boxes. We then promptly moved house so I didn't get a chance to share these pretty washi tape decorated boxes with you...

I love washi tape and have a ever growing collection which I use to hang inspiration on my wall and decorate all sorts of objects. One of my favourite is my washi tape bird houses, I just love all the pretty stripes. So I decided to decorate white cardboard boxes in a similar way by creating lots of pretty stripes. So I would always know what was stored in each box I also attached label holders to the front. The metal label holders came in a pack with half being white and the other half black, so I spray painted the black ones, including the pins that hold them on in a pretty turquoise colour.

1 Box

How-to step by step

  • Washi tape box 1

    Step 1

    Make sure your box is clean and dry and starting along one side edge, adhere the washi tape to the box.

  • Washi tape box 2

    Step 2

    Continue adding strips of washi tape till the entire box and lid is completely covered in washi tape.

  • washi tape box

    Step 3

    Place the metal label holder excluding the pins against the washi tape box and mark where the holes should go. Using a dowel create two small holes through the box. Place metal label holder against box and secure in place using brads.

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