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Wallpaper Bauble Tutorial

Hello lovelies, hope you are well and looking forward to the upcoming holidays. I have to admit I think I might have bitten more off than I can chew! As I am faithfully attempting to make all my Christmas gifts, which would have been fine if I hadn't gone overboard and attempted to make too many gifts! But when you have six adorable nieces and nephews it's hard to stop at one gift and in the end I have designed mini collections for them all! I can't wait to share all the tutorials with you once they have received their gifts but in the meantime I will probably be only popping in here to share a few Christmas decoration posts. First up is my wallpaper baubles I did for the Laura Ashley blog. I used my favourite wallpaper 'Oriental garden' to make them in four of the colourways.

Check out the Laura Ashley blog to see what else I did along with some other fabulous bloggers...

1 bauble

How-to step by step

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Jar of Paper Baubles
Pretty wallpaper baubles
Wallpaper baubles
Oriental Garden Wallpaper Baubles
Wallpaper baubles copy
Pretty Wallpaper Baubles 1

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