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Upcycled Wine Bottles Ombre Vase Tutorial

During the winter I tried a casserole recipe that only required 18cl of red wine, not being big wine drinkers I bought a small bottle to give the recipe a go. We loved the casserole and I loved the empty mini wine bottle so every time I made the casserole I bought more mini bottles of wine. I knew I wanted to use them as vases but wasn't sure how I would use or decorate them. But after making my new tablecloth and finally deciding on adding an eyelet to the middle so I could use it with a parasol I decided it would be great to make a vase that could sit round the parasol so everyone could enjoy the flowers from whatever angle they were sat at.

I used seven mini bottles to create a circle and glued them together first using glue suitable for bonding glass. As the tablecloth is in white, mauve and lilac I wanted the vases to be in mint to match my plates but rather than being a solid mint colour I chose to give them a pretty summer ombre effect.

Tips: Spray painting can be a messy job so I always spray paint outside. To make applying the ombre effect easier I put a stake in the grass and hung the bottles upside down on the stake.

1 Vase

How-to step by step

  • mini wine bottles

    Step 1

    I use two of these wine bottles every time I make a casserole so I have quite a few. For this project I used seven of them.

  • clean wine bottles

    Step 2

    Remove labels and give them a good clean, a kitchen roll dipped in white spirit will remove any sticky residue. make sure to re-wash the bottles if you use white spirit to remove any trace.

  • arrange bottles

    Step 3

    Arrange your bottles in a circle, you can do this by placing a glass jar or tin in the centre.

  • Glue bottles together

    Step 4

    Using glue suitable for bonding glass, adhere the bottles to one another and leave to dry completely.

  • keep glue on outside to a minimum

    Step 5

    If too much glue is visible from the front of the bottles carefully remove any dried glue using a craft knife.

  • wipe with microfibre cloth

    Step 6

    Give the bottles a good wipe with a microsoft cloth to remove any loose flakes of glue and dust.

  • Spray paint bottles white

    Step 7

    Spray paint the bottles white. To get an even coat of paint, sweep the can horizontally and vertically past the bottles as you spray. For the best finish, apply several thin coats of paint. Leave to dry.

  • Spray paint bottles mint

    Step 8

    Turn the bottles upside down and lightly spray paint the bottles from the middle up to the base. Continue spraying in layers starting higher up each time to get an ombre effect.

  • ombre bottles vase

    Step 9

    Leave to dry.

  • Flowers in my new upcycled vase 3

    Step 10

    Fill the bottles with water and flowers...

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