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Starry Paper Rosette tutorial

The lovely peeps at new craft store Mushi Makes also sent me Tildas star tissue paper in grey brown. So to match my Vintage Christmas theme I have started making paper rosettes in the pretty tissue paper. Some to hang on my white Christmas tree and some smaller ones as cake toppers!

Here's how...

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You will need...

  • Tilda tissue paper grey brown stars

  • double sided tape

  • embroidery thread

How-to step by step

  • Paper rosettes steps1-4

    Step 1

    Start by cutting out a rectangle 25cm x 12cm from one sheet of tissue paper Make 1cm wide accordion folds, creasing the paper carefully with each fold. Using the accent star punch, carefully punch a star from each end Using a pair of scissors round the end edges of the paper

  • Paper rosettes steps 5-8

    Step 2

    Repeats steps 1-4 with a second sheet of tissue, and fold in half Stack the two folded sheets of paper on top of each other ( making sure the fronts face the same way) and tie embroidery thread round centre Place a piece of double sided tape on one side Affix the thread so the ends stick out the top

  • Paper rosettes steps 9-12

    Step 3

    Fold the two halves together Repeat by placing a piece of double sided tape on one open side Fold the two halves together Repeat till the rosette is closed, tie loose ends of thread together

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Pretty starry paper rosettes
Paper rosette hanging on my tree
Starry paper rosettes

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