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Spray Painted Wicker Shelves

I originally was planning on hanging shelves on the back wall in my Summer house but as the walls are only relatively thin pieces of wood I decided in the end it would be best to go for free standing shelves so I wouldn't have to worry about the weight they hold. I had fallen in love with all the bright wicker furniture I'd seen at the home shows so I ideally wanted wicker shelves.

Straight to Ebay I went, when looking for furniture I always refine my search by location as most furniture has to be collected and delivery would significantly raise the price. I couldn't believe my luck when I found wicker corner shelves only half an hour away, so I started to bid. Then I used my Dad's advice, ( he is really good at winning bids) and won it at the last pip. I paid £10 and after arranging with the seller I collected them a few days later.

I have to admit I forgot to check that they would not be too tall, so was super happy when they just fitted. I originally spray painted them a lilac colour but after placing them back in the summer house I wasn't happy with the look. So I changed my mind and spray painted them in my new favourite coloured spray paint, Wildlife Matt spray paint from Valspar, which is a primer and top coat in one. I love the result and have now filled them with some of my al fresco dinnerware along with vases, bunnies and birds...

1 Shelving Unit

How-to step by step

  • Wicker shelves before

    Step 1

    Start by making sure your wicker shelves are clean and dry. Place them outside on a dry painters cloth.

  • Ebay wicker shelves spray painted

    Step 2

    To get an even coat of paint, sweep the can horizontally and vertically past the shelves as you spray. For the best finish, apply several thin coats of paint on the entire shelving unit.

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Spray painted wicker shelves
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