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Spray Painted Wicker Basket

Many many years ago I spray painted a small wicker basket which I use as storage in my craft room, whenever anyone sees it they ooh and aah and ask which paint colour etc I used. So when I got sent a wicker hamper last year, I knew what I wanted to do with it. Spray paint it of course! But I hadn't decided what colour until I realised it would make a great piece of storage in my Summer House for all my melamine alfresco plates, bowls cups etc. I am loving the Wildlife Matt spray paint from Valspar, which is a primer and top coat in one that I showed you yesterday that I used it for my basket as well...

I originally was going to replace the faux leather buckles with fabric buckles but I decided that ribbon strips would look just as good. I used the pretty lavender stitched ribbon from Jane Means for my ribbon ties...

1 Basket

How-to step by step

  • Wicker basker - before

    Step 1

    Start by making sure your basket is clean and dry.

  • Spray painted basket

    Step 2

    Remove all hardware you don't want spray painted and place your basket on an old sheet or cloth. To get an even coat of paint, sweep the can horizontally and vertically past the object as you spray. For the best finish, apply several thin coats of paint on the entire basket, including the inside.

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