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Spray Painted Bedside Cabinet Makeover

On Sunday I shared with you my bureau makeover for my guest room. After finishing the makeover my bedside cabinets that I bought for a steal on Ebay last year started to look a bit too creamy so I gave them a new lick of paint using the Valspar Paint & Primer in one White spray paint...

Spray painting is an easy way of achieving a smooth, even finish on wood furniture. This is especially true of items that have intricate designs like these bedside cabinets. Whereas painting with a brush can result in drips and brush marks, spray paint can bring you a near perfect look. Like all other materials, wood requires some preparatory steps before the application of spray paint. In the case of these bedside cabinets as they had several layers of white paint on them already, all that was needed was a light sand to smooth the top and give the spray paint a key to adhere to.

I loved the coloured acrylic paint effect I did on the back of the shelves in my bureau so I decided to continue the theme and painted the inside back of the cupboards in duck egg blue and green. For an extra pop of colour I added coral ceramic rose knobs to the front of the cupboards...

2 Bedside Tables

How-to step by step

  • Bedside Cabinet - before

    Step 1

    Do your prep work before you spray paint to ensure the paint adheres and to get a smooth and lasting finish. Start by removing any hardware that you do not want spray painted. If your furniture has already been painted like these bedside cabinets. Give the entire furniture a light sanding using a fine grade sanding paper. Once your furniture has been sanded, clean it thoroughly and remove all the paint dust. Use a soft cloth for this purpose. Avoid using water, because it will penetrate the wood and cause damage.

  • Bedside table makeover

    Step 2

    To get an even coat of paint, sweep the can horizontally and vertically past the furniture as you spray. Avoid spraying from too close or too far. Maintain a distance of about 10 inches at all times. Never stop moving your hand as you spray the paint. Make sure the coats are thin, as layering up thin coats gets a much better finish than one thick layer. It takes time, but the results will last much longer. When you have finished spray painting the entire piece of furniture, making sure to turn it upside down etc so that every surface is covered in several layers of paint attach new handle.

  • Inside my bedside table

    Step 3

    Start painting the coloured acrylic paint at the back of the cupboards. For my shelves I used the sea spray colour for the top half, for the lower half I used the chalk paint. Apply several coats till you have a lovely even colour, leave to dry. I found it easiest to lie the cabinets on their backs to paint the acrylic colours with a paint brush so that the paint didn't drip and I could easily and neatly get the paint into the corners.

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Inside my bedside table
Bedside Cabinet - before

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