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Sequin Christmas Tree

I love my sequin eggs I made last Easter using polystyrene eggs, that when I found a polystyrene cone in my Christmas craft supplies I decided to make a sequin Christmas tree.

Have a sweet day!

1 Tree

You will need...

  • polystyrene cone

  • brass sequin pins

  • translucent round sequins

  • printed round sequins

  • small pink bucket

How-to step by step

  • Sequin Christmas tree

    Step 1

    Start by pushing the pin through the hole in the top of one printed sequin and one larger translucent sequin, then push pin with sequins into cone. Then continue to pin the sequins in rows till entire cone is covered in sequins. Carefully bend back the handles on the bucket so they are at 90 degrees and attach to base of sequin cone using map pins.

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Sequin Christmas tree

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