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Red and white Snowflake printed bag tutorial

I had ordered some white paper candy bags for Halloween but ended up using the striped ones instead. So, after trying out my snowflake stamps in pink, green, pale blue and red to match my Candy Sweet Christmas colour palette, on my paper bags, I came to the conclusion that only red would look the best. I quickly got to randomly stamping 4 different styles of snowflakes all over the front of the bags then filled them with handmade honeycomb and used some of my striped masking tape to seal the backs of the bags. Ready to go!

I popped into Paperchase to pick up some stamps and reindeer candles and saw some boxes of mini clothing pegs with little red felt deer on the front. I thought they would be a cute addition to the bags of candy, with the added bonus that they could also be used to attach the Christmas cards to the back of the bags!

10 Bags

How-to step by step

  • Hand printed bags of handmade honeycomb

    Step 1

    Start by stamping the paper bags with red inked snowflake stamp, apply in a random pattern, leave to dry

  • Hand printed bags of handmade honeycomb

    Step 2

    Fill with handmade honeycomb, roll top over and seal with felt reindeer peg

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