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Pretty wrapped soaps

We have started work on our new laundry room and cloakroom. So, after months of looking around the internet for cute, pretty ideas I have started to get my interior accessories ready! Don't you just love the part where you get to accessorize a new room?

I thought my bird glass apothecary jars from Modern Chic Home would look great in my cloakroom and would match my bird trail fabric blind (which I have yet to make!).

Today I am sharing with you my large bird apothecary jar that I have filled with hand wrapped pretty soaps and mini Cath Kidston guest soaps in colours to match my bird trail fabric. I decided it would cost me a small fortune to fill my large glass apothecary jar with the pretty Cath Kidston soaps so I bought a pack of pure vegetable soaps form Waitrose that were wrapped in white paper.

5 soaps

You will need...

  • rik rak

How-to step by step

  • Soap wrapping supplies

    Step 1

    I then wrapped two in blue polka dot wrapping paper, with a band of lace tape, pink polka dot ribbon, finished off with blue rik rak. Another two I wrapped in floral wrapping paper with a band of pink and white striped ribbon and a further two in pink polka dot wrapping paper.

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Hand wrapped soaps

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