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Pretty wooden bird

Over the past couple of weeks I have been working on some hand made Christmas decorations to fit in with my Winter Wonderland colour palette and theme. First up is the pretty wooden bird I will decorate my home with at Christmas.

When I spied the wooden birds in Panduro Hobby I knew I had to buy a couple. At the time I had know idea how I would decorate them but knew I wanted them to be part of my Christmas decor. After much deliberation I decided to decorate them with a pretty floral pattern and a sprinkling of glitter. Now I just have to decide where they will sit at Christmas!?!

1 Bird

How-to step by step

  • Glittered floral print Christmas bird   - instructions 1-4

    Step 1

    Start by carefully painting the sides of the wooden bird in pink paint using a small paint brush and leave to dry. Then, carefully paint the entire branch section of the wooden bird in peacock colour, turn upside down and leave paint to dry. To get a perfect fit on the printed card, place the dry wooden bird on the underside of the printed card and carefully trace around the edge of the bird with a sharp pencil, flip bird over and place next to previously drawn bird shape to avoid wastage and trace around the other side of the bird.

  • Glittered floral print Christmas bird   - instructions 5-8

    Step 2

    With a sharp pair of scissors, carefully cut out the bird shapes from the card and place to one side. Brush PVA glue onto front of the bird and firmly press the corresponding card shape onto glued front then leave to dry. Once dry, repeat with the shape for the back of the bird. With your bird in an upright position, coat the front and back in PVA glue to give it a protective coating and leave to dry.

  • Glittered floral print Christmas bird   - instructions 9-12

    Step 3

    Brush PVA glue onto teal-painted branch and immediately sprinkle with teal glitter before the glue starts to dry. Tap bird lightly to remove excess glitter and rest bird on its head to dry. Once dry, brush PVA glue onto pink-painted sides of bird and immediately sprinkle with pink glitter, tap lightly to remove excess glitter and leave to dry. Tip I hold my bird over a clean small plastic pot when sprinkling with glitter to catch any excess glitter so it can be reused

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