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Pretty printed outdoor bunting

Yesterday I showed you the gluten free lemon swirl white choc and raspberry cupcakes I made to celebrate my new garden spot that was featured on the Laura Ashley blog post Torie Jayne's garden spot.

So as promised, today I am showing you how I made my Pretty printed outdoor bunting using Laura Ashley wallpaper and MDF bunting shapes. By coating the bunting in outdoor Mod Podge it seals and protects the wood so you can leave it out all the time!

1 bunting garland

How-to step by step

  • Paint the sides of the bunting

    Step 1

    Start by painting the edges of the bunting in acrylic paint

  • Trace bunting shape on to wallpaper.jpg

    Step 2

    Trace the bunting shape on to the wrong side of the wallpaper

  • Apply paper to bunting shapes

    Step 3

    Apply cut out pieces of wallpaper to bunting shapes using outdoor Mod Podge

  • Push needle through hole to create hole in paper.jpg

    Step 4

    Make a holes in the wallpaper to correspond with the holes in the MDF shapes. You can use a knitting needle or skewer for this.

  • Thread jute through holes in bunting.jpg

    Step 5

    Thread jute through the holes in the bunting

  • Apply outdoor mod podge.jpg

    Step 6

    Apply a layer of outdoor Mod Podge to the wallpapered covered MDF bunting, to give it a protective layer

  • Wallpapered bunting

    Step 7

    Leave to dry, then hang in your outdoor space.

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Pretty printed outdoor bunting
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