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Pretty egg soaps

A perfect gift for Easter, for you or your loved ones!
Homemade soap has charm, character, smells wonderful and feels great. It is comforting in ways that manufactured soap can never be and you can match the colour and design to your bathroom decor or Easter theme for chic styling.

The easiest way to make your own soap is to use a Melt and pour soap base. Perfect for beginners a Melt and pour soap base is a near neutral substance (pH neutral), requires no specific materials for the utensils you use when creating your soaps and is much safer than the cold process method. You can choose to make small batches or large batches and you are able to use the soaps within hours of making them instead of the weeks it takes for cold process soap to cure.

I added nectarine fragrance to my peach coloured eggs and mint to the duck egg blue ones.

6 soaps

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How-to step by step

  • Melt and Pour Soap base

    Step 1

    Start by chopping up the soap base into small pieces

  • Cut soap into chunks

    Step 2

    Place them in a microwavable jug.

  • Melt soap

    Step 3

    Place the jug in the microwave and heat for two minutes on medium heat, the soap will start to melt. Continue heating the soap, checking on it frequently until it has all melted. The most important thing to remember is not to overheat your soap base. You only need to heat it until it melts and no further.

  • Add colour to melted soap

    Step 4

    You can now carefully add any fragrance, colour, or glitter you require.

  • Add glitter to soap

    Step 5

    Stir carefully so as not to make bubbles. If you do get bubbles, a light spritz of rubbing alcohol from a spray bottle gets rid of them.

  • Pour soap into egg moulds

    Step 6

    When you are happy with the colour/fragrance etc., carefully pour into the moulds and cover in cling film and leave to set. Try not to splash the soap or get too many bubbles. (If you do get bubbles in the soap, lightly spray the tops of the bars with rubbing alcohol.)

  • Push soap out from molds

    Step 7

    The soap should be cool and hard enough to remove from the mold in a few hours. You can hurry this along by putting the mold in the refrigerator for an hour. When the soap is completely hardened push the soap out of the moulds. Some molds will release easily; some will be more difficult. Tapping the mould firmly with the palm of your hand sometimes helps. For a really persistent bar, you can turn the mold over and run hot water over the back of it. The soap should fall easily out of the mold. You can rub off or trim off any imperfections with a cloth or small knife. Since the melt and pour soap base is already cured, there's no waiting. You can use your soap right away, or wrap in cling film to keep fragrance in.

  • Egg soaps

    Step 8

    Make sure that your knife, jug and cutting board are clean and free of any dirt. The soap will pick it up and it will be hard to get out. If you prefer not to use a microwave, the soap base can be melted in a double boiler. For a meaningful fragrance, around 20ml fragrance per Kilo of soap (2%) is sufficient, so a few drops per single egg is good. As a guide, a maximum of 3% fragrance addition is generally advised.

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