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Pretty Christmas Cracker tutorial

love Christmas crackers, from the traditional crossed arm way of pulling them, the "pop" sound they make when pulled, the cheesy joke that lightens the mood, to the clatter of the gift falling to the table!
So this year I made my own in gold card wrapped in some pretty Tilda wrapping paper that official Tilda retailer, Musha Makes sent me. I filled my hand made Christmas crackers with some home made gifts, Here's how...

6 Crackers

How-to step by step

  • Pretty hand made Christmas crackers

    Step 1

    Start by cutting your wrapping paper into strips 19cm x 30cm and the gold card into strips 19cm x36cm Print off cracker pattern and cut out Trace pattern onto the underside of the gold card Cut out gold card and score along edges as indicated on pattern Using paper punch, punch pattern along the end edges of the gold cut out crackers and attach double sided tape Using paper punch, punch pattern along the end edges of the wrapping paper strips Take your gold card cut out and roll into a cylinder shape, folding along scored lines to create your cracker shape, remove double sided tape and adhere cracker together Wrap punched strip of wrapping paper around cracker so that is is in the centre and using glue stick adhere to card cracker Place cracker snap, gift, joke and hat in centre of cracker Fold cracker ends inwards and tie tinsel round smallest section to pinch sections together

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