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Pink wheelbarrow planter

I was recently given the old wheelbarrow that I had as a kid. Oh, how I loved that wheelbarrow, I used to help my dad collect up the leaves from the lawn with it in the autumn and gathered daisies into it in the summer to make daisy chains with. But after thirty years hidden in the corner of my parents' garage, it needed a little love!

I think my five year old self would have loved it as it is now pretty in pink!

I wanted to fill it with pretty potted plants but couldn't find the right size pots to fill the space. So I up-cycled some tin cans with spray paint and potted them with some pink and purple flowering plants.

Have a sweet day!

1 Planter

How-to step by step

  • My wheelbarrow from when I was a kid

    Step 1

    I started by giving it a good clean and removing the wheel from the front.

  • Undercoat of white paint

    Step 2

    After giving it a good clean, I painted it with white undercoat exterior paint.

  • Spraying it with candy pink gloss

    Step 3

    Then I sprayed it with Rust-Oleams painters touch Candy Pink gloss spray paint.

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